Dr. Jeffrey Wong,

The Chairman

Jeffrey has been in the high-tech industry since 1996. He successfully created a new arena of applying contact-less CPU smart card for the Residential market. Applying smart card electronic-purse for residential facilities such as Clubhouse, internet booking, shuttle bus fare collection, car park, and secure access. In Dec 1999, he sold his smart card company to a smart card technology provider, OTI, in Israel.

Steering Committee Members of Our Government-Funded Project on Rare Earth Elements (REEs).

(Jeffrey is second from the right in a blue polo shirt)

Keith Lau


He was the Global Marketing Manager of the Discrete division, National Semiconductor Inc., Santa Clara in 1992, involving power device for the automotive industry.

He is a technical specialist for Lithium-ion battery applications.

(Keith is first from the right in light color shirt)

Peter Lee,


Peter holds an MBA and a BA (Hons) Degree. He has held various management positions including Business Development Manager for a CKI Joint Venture and Services Director for a large Multi-national IT company.  He has global business experience for many years.