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  • for PAD, Tablet PC, Industrial Equipment, and  Notebook PC.

  • Light weight and large capacity from 3.7V 26000mAh.(1)

  • Selectable Output DC Voltages 5v, 12v, 16v, and 19V with different connectors.

  • Come with 110-220V AC charger

  • Un-interrupted power output during charging and is good for power backup used.(2)

  • Safe with all protections




Specifications RV-26000A
Battery Capacity 3.7V 26000mAh
  96.2 Wh (1)
Output Voltages:  
DC Max. Current




3.5A (2)
Cycle Life:   1000
Battery Life LED indicator Yes
Overcharging Protection Yes
Overdischarging Protection Yes
Over temperature Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Auto-Shutdown when no load Yes
Un-interrupted power output during charging  if output power is less than 30W Yes (2)
Dimension (mm):  20125185
Weight (Kg):  665g


(1) Battery capacity = Voltage x Ah = 3.7v x 26Ah = 96.2Wh. 

If an equipment is using 12V 1A (or 12W), after fully charged, the battery can last for 96.2 Wh/ 12W = 8 h (hours).

(2) For uninterrupted power backup application, the equipment can be powered by the battery bank while charging. Make sure that output power is less than 30W. 

Maximum output current will be

2.5A @12V

1.8A @16V

1.5A @19V

Specifications can be changed without notice (15.01.2013).



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