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Lithium ion LiFeYPO4 (Yttrium based) Rechargeable Power Battery

Environmental friendly Solid State Lithium ion (Yttrium based) Power Battery is a cost effective alternative for Lithium Ion Battery of high current, high power, high capacity, light weight, and small size.



Lithium ion (Yttrium based) Power Battery (LiFeYPO4 TS-LYP Series) can deliver much higher power (KW) for a longer period of time comparing to lead acid battery with the same price and it is very suitable for lead acid battery replacement.

Battery Type

W*Hr/ Litre Watts/Kg Life (re-charge) Battery Type
PbO2/H2SO4 65 35 400 $0.16
NiCOH/KOH/Cd 150 60 500 $0.96
NiCOH/KOH/MH 170 70 1500 $2.00
LiCoO2 120 100 500 $1.35
LiMnO2/LiBF6/C 200 200 500 $1.09
Lithium ion Power (TS-LYP) 330 720 1100 ask us

Thunder Sky (Winston Battery), based in Shenzhen, China, a leading supplier of patented Solid State Lithium ion Power Battery based on the Liquid Lithium Ion Battery and Solid Polymer Lithium Ion Battery. Solid Sate Lithium ion Power Battery is mainly for electric motor cycle, electric vehicle, bus and other electrical transportation instruments.  US Patent No.: US006686096B1


About Yttrium (rare earth)

Yttrium (pronounced /ˈɪtriəm/ IT-ree-əm) is a chemical element with symbol Y and atomic number 39. It is a silvery-metallic transition metal chemically similar to the lanthanoids and has historically been classified as a rare earth element.[2] Yttrium is almost always found combined with the lanthanoids in rare earth minerals and is never found in nature as a free element. Its only stable isotope, 89Y, is also its only naturally occurring isotope. Learn more


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